North American 
Transportation Consultants Inc. 

On-Site Audit

On-Site Audit 


North American Transportation Consultants, Inc.
(NATC) has developed, over the years, an excellent field staff which can provide diverse on-site services to our clients.  The nature and style of these services are driven by the needs and goals of the client.

Clients may request assistance in any one or more of the following areas:
  • Review of Public Warehouse Operations (PWO) for safety and product handling practices concerning the client's materials.
  • Review and evaluation of client operational and safety procedures/policies.
  • Inspection of transportation equipment to ensure compliance with both safety and operational requirements.
  • Review and evaluation of facility drivers and their operational use for compliance and maximum utilization of time.
  • Inspection of product handling and storage methods for compliance with safety and classification issues.
  • Pre-DOT carrier reviews for compliance with federal and state regulations applicable to the type of operation being reviewed.
  • Such other activities as NATC is qualified to perform and requested by the client.
The time and resources dedicated to each project is discussed and agreed to by NATC and the client prior to each activity. The use of our highly qualified staff saves limited resources for the client while ensuring the most thorough review possible under the circumstances.

Field Staff Qualification
has established a series of qualification levels for our field staff members. These levels go from one (1) to five (5).  Each level of qualification allows the field staff member to perform higher degrees of technical service for the client.

Prior to advancing to a specific level of qualification the field staff member must demonstrate to
NATC that he/she has mastered that level of technical support.

A fifth level field staff member for
NATC must be qualified to perform the following functions without assistance at the high quality level of our company:
  • Perform Safety Reviews and be capable of answering technical questions regarding the FMCSR.
  • Perform Hazardous Materials Reviews and Evaluations while providing answers to technical questions concerning the HMR.
  • Perform Cargo Tank Carrier Audits.
  • Perform Cargo Tank HM-183 Facility Audits.
  • Perform technical assistance in a specialized area such as explosives, or radioactive transportation.
  • Instruct in the HM-126F training program developed by NATC.
Not all field staff members are qualified to the fifth level. Most assignments received by NATC do not require that level of technical expertise.

If you wish additional information concerning the qualifications of NATC field staff members or our ability to assist you and your company, click on the Contact
tab located at the top of this page. If your requirements are too involved for our feedback tab, feel free to call us directly at (609) 426-0555.