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General Information
Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) is an eight volume Department of Transportation (DOT) culmination of regulations pertaining to transportation. The volumes consist of ten chapters, Parts 1 through 1399 and is continually updated. Law enforcement agencies do not accept the quantity and complexity of these regulations as justification for non-compliance.

In addition, each state has its own modification of the transportation safety regulations to which adherence is also mandated by law. For carriers and shippers, keeping up with each of these can represent a costly and time-consuming task.

business is to know the applicable regulations for its clients and help them comply within reasonable economic and operational parameters. Our firm also assists its clients in gathering and filing the necessary information for reports pertaining to the requirements in 49CFR.

Three Steps to Ensuring Compliance

  1. In most situations, when NATC begins work with a new client, our first job is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of current practices and policies of the client, such as safety and hazardous material management, driver selection and qualification, vehicle maintenance, insurance coverage and other transportation issues.
  2. Next, NATC will analyze and discuss the results of this evaluation with our client. Together, we will draft or modify a program to correct any violations and establish procedures that will enable the client to operate more efficiently, cost effectively and within compliance. 
  3. Finally, NATC will assist its client in implementing the changes and regularly monitor the "system.
In certain circumstances, NATC and its client may opt to select only one or two of the three steps.

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